Metta Prints to the Rescue!

Some of you may remember my son, who is a wee bit obsessed with Indiana Jones. It's harmless enough, except when he asks for specific things (like birthday parties) that are impossible to just buy because the movie came out and was merchandised over 30 years ago. 

Thirty years! Let that sink in. 

So this Christmas he asked for something so specific, so impossible to find, that I was forced to hit up the Twitter for help: 

 It was a shot in the dark -- an act of desperation. I was hoping that someone with better Google skills than me would be able to find a poster. Turns out that the internet came through in a much better fashion than I ever could have hoped for; The people of Metta Prints reached out and saved the day!

All I needed was the image of Indiana Jones running from the boulder and they would print it for me. I was so thrilled! I ended up finding a screensaver/promo shot at the official Indiana Jones website, sent the image to Metta Prints, and two days before Christmas we received the coolest hard backed poster I could have ever imagined:


See how it stands up, looking all perfect? Look at the backing -- it's like a painting:

So we hung it up like one:

It took two seconds, and then we hung it over his bed, just like he dreamed it would.

Thank you, Metta Prints! You have made a little boy very happy by making his crazy request come true!