An Imperceptible Shift

Source: Wikimedia CommonsI've recently joined a gym, and as part of the introductory package you get a free Pilates session. I used to do Pilates thanks to my dear friend Christine, but once she moved away I tried a different teacher and it just wasn't the same so I essentially sat on the couch and never got up.

This time the teacher was wonderful -- I could tell something was different in her technique so I asked her about her background, and it turns out she studied with Romana Kryzanowska which probably explained her no-nonsense manner. 

But what really impressed me was when she told me that while I did fine on the Reformer, it was no good if I didn't know how to stand correctly. 

"Excuse me?" I said. 

She made me lean forward until I felt it in my calves. My weight shifted, ever so slightly, from my heels to the balls of my feet.

"How does that feel?"

"Weird. I feel weird. Like the leaning tower of Pisa."

"Look in the mirror. Do you look weird?"

I had to admit that I didn't. In fact, I looked like what I thought I looked like before - like a normal person. My back was straight and my shoulders were relaxed. 

"I could have sworn I was leaning too far forward. It feels weird, but it looks right."

"Maybe you are used to leaning too far back. Maybe you need to get used to leaning forward."

I think she might be right.