We survived Valentine's Day

I am sure that the boy's teachers mean well when they send out their class lists with instructions to "make" Valentines for everyone. I am the biggest wet blanket around about kid's celebrations (tl;dr There's a party every month over something or other and I am exhausted and cannot care about every! single! thing!) But I do like Valentine's day for kids. I see nothing wrong with a day where you take a moment to say something nice to the kids you see every day. 

My boys feel differently, of course. 

The third grader was tasked with filling out paper hearts with compliments for each kid in the class. (Bravo, third grade teacher! I approve.) He took his paper hearts to his desk, and furtively wrote the notes in pencil. I only saw the one on top of his pile, which happened to be for a girl, and which happened to read "I like your smile."

"Aww, that's sweet," I said. 

"I lied," he said. 


The first grader was sent home with instructions for him to "make" a Valentine for each kid in his class. HAHAHAAAA. Oh, the thought of my boy crafting is so ludicrous as to be hilarous. Still, I am a rule follower, so I told him it was time to make Valentines.


Well, then. 

I showed him tons of online printable Valentines and settled on Minecraft ones. I made him write his name and his classmate's names on each one. There are some 20 kids in his class. This took the better part of a week. I need a nap. 

My preschooler's reaction to Valentine-making? 

"Can I have a snack?"

"First, we have to draw hearts on this," I told him. 


Hope you had a nice Valentine's day. If you got one from my son, I think he meant the nice things he said, despite his protestations.