America is Beautiful: Bravo, Coca Cola

When I saw Coca Cola's #AmericaIsBeautiful commercial I was immediately filled with that warm happy feeling normal people get when they watch beautiful people singing beautiful patriotic songs. What a wonderful country America is! 

What a smart move by Coca Cola to state the obvious and include everyone -- because they want all of us to buy their drinks! 

But then, sadly, I was filled with dread at the inevitable attention the reaction of a few morons on Twitter and Facebook would get. It was so sad and predictable and I tried to ignore it until I simply couldn't. (Because of Twitter and Facebook and the Internet.)

We all know that companies don't put messages out there without expecting (or at least hoping) for a conversation to ensue. The bigger the better, especially on advertising's biggest night. They knew what they were doing, but it just seemed a bit disingenous to put it out there and just step back and let the crazies self-combust in hatred while the rest of the world watched in horror. It was just too simplistic for me. 

So this morning I went to Coca Cola's YouTube channel and found behind the scenes videos about the commercial. And I'm just going to step back and let the Americans featured in the commercial speak for themselves. 

America is beautiful indeed, and I give Coca Cola major props not just for the gorgeous commercial, but for anticipating the crazies and taking them on. I am seriously impressed. 

"We don't get to pick and choose whether America should be diverse or not. It is diverse." 

Sing it sister. Oh wait, she did:

Bravo, Coca Cola. For having the guts to teach the world to sing. You are right, America IS beautiful.