The Devil's Hen

So I read this article about how we are never bored anymore because of iPhones and Facebook and how that's killing creativity, and it all made perfect sense. I didn't pick up my phone at all this morning (in the name of science), and sure enough, I got bored and started thinking about deviled eggs.

I decided that I was going to start a deviled eggs business based on the cupcake model, and that we would make all kinds of combinations to capture the zeitgeist, like sriracha and bacon, as well as fancy versions like caviar topped ones because I want them to be aspirational (come to think of it, that would be like an egg turducken, but you get the idea) and ironic versions like a deviled egg inspired by grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm not sure how I'd make those, but there would be breadcrumbs and cheese, duh. The business would be called The Devil's Hen, and the logo would be a stylized chicken with devil horns. I mean, perfect, right? But then someone would inevitably get offended by the name, and accuse the business of being run by some satan worshipping heathen from godless Boston, and there would be an online kerfuffle, and then the ironic crowd would seize on the supposed offensiveness of the name and logo and they'd make t-shirts on Zazzle and then other people would get rich off my deviled eggs, and there would soon be a whole deviled eggs sub-economy made up of bloggers and t-shirt makers.

I've never made a deviled egg in my life.

In other words, boredom can be a dangerous thing.