Proof that I am, indeed, alive. Messy hair, don't care. (It was windy, OK?) 

Proof that I am, indeed, alive. Messy hair, don't care. (It was windy, OK?) 

Well, it's certainly been a while since I've blogged. I've been writing and working and wasting time on social media like all of you, but no matter what I can't see to give up this space. What can I say? I love having a blog. 

I'm not going to bore you with why I write so much on social media and not here - suffice it to say that I don't take it quite so seriously there as I do here. Isn't that always the way? You avoid the hard things and do the fun, easy things first?

Why can't I make this just as easy? (Thanks, Casey, for pointing out that you can make it just as easy. Did you know she blogs on her phone? ON HER PHONE. It's like if she was on Facebook or something.)

Anywhoo...I thought I'd share a few things here that I do on my Facebook. To ease into it. 

An Article About Black Women Shouldn’t Have To Come With A Warning Label

"How do you recognise yourself, if you have never seen yourself? Is it "yourself" – i.e. the things that you know, sight unseen, that you are – that strike a chord?" 

Representation matters. I love that at work I get to guide others to shine a spotlight on, and share opportunities with, creators and writers that reflect my stories (and the stories of countless others, there are so many of us, and by "us", I mean not the "us" that mainstream outlets shove down our throats but the real mainstream. Us.).


I went into Boston on a school night (not really, it's school vacation week) to see and hang out with Gabrielle Blair to celebrate her new book. She's just a lovely, lovely person and her book is gorgeous. As an added bonus, I got to see my dear Christine Koh for dinner and world domination planning. All in all, a fantastic evening!

We wore yellow. Yes we did.

We wore yellow. Yes we did.


Have you downloaded this? It's so stupid. But we've had a blast playing with it. (OK, I've had a blast. The boys are freaked out by it. I can't imagine why.)

Me as an Idol? Sassy!

Me as an Idol? Sassy!

ahahaaaa....sorry kids. I promise to pay for the therapy. 

It's good to be a Red Sox fan!

You might remember that last summer we were invited to visit Fenway Park by the Red Sox -- and that they were fabulous hosts

Well, this summer they've done one better and invited our family to join the Red Sox Family as a part of the inagural Red Sox Moms! Can you believe it? I can't, but I couldn't say yes fast enough. Plenty of our blogging friends are Red Sox Moms as well, so you might see us tweeting and Instagramming from Fenway all summer. You can follow our adventures via #RedSoxMoms and #RedSoxFamily.  

Needless to say, the kids are pretty psyched and so am I. Yesterday we got to spend a fun Saturday at Fenway, which was a wonderful way to kick off the last week of school. It was my youngest's first time at Fenway, and true to form, he asked to go home after ten minutes in the sun. Thankfully there's the Kid Nation Clubhouse at Fenway, so we went in for some air conditioning and clowning around before eating dinner (Fenway Franks and cotton candy -- what else?) and getting back to the game. 

(Can you believe there's a week of school left...and that I'm looking forward to the break? I mean, I know I won't get the kid-free hours anymore, but I kind of miss the little buggers. Talk to me in August when I will be counting down the days to Labor Day -- but for right now, a lazy summer is in the horizon and we couldn't be happier.)