Is it December Already?

So...I didn't make it to 50,000 words on NaNoWriMo.

But that's fine.  I learned a lot by participating.  First, fiction writing is fun - as long as you allow yourself to be creative.  I know this is earth-shattering stuff - but I did get a taste for it and I've even joined a writer's group that will (hopefully) be kind when I share my stuff with them.

Second, I learned that giving yourself a crazy deadline when you have a toddler and are halfway through a pregnancy is dumb.  It was obvious that I couldn't write at a 1,700 word-a-day pace.  So I've learned to take it easy on myself, because there are only so many hours in the day where one can nap, and those hours are precious and few.

So I didn't finish, which means that it was about time that I took down that word count meter that has been taunting me for a month now.

I decided that since it is christmastime I should use the freed real estate on the sidebar with something festive.  I would love to post pictures of the beautiful way I decorated our home this Christmas, but this year we will not have a tree of our very own.

Instead, I cheated and posted pictures from last year.

I'm fine with that.  Starting next Christmas, we will probably have every Christmas at home until the kids are teens (gasp!) , so this is our last chance to go somewhere warm.  We're going to spend Christmas with my parents, so I'm leaving the major decorating up to them.

No tree.  The pesebre is up and that's it.  There will be no white Christmas this year.  Instead we will have palm trees strung with lights, pork instead of turkey, and ponche instead of eggnog.

Also, there will be no pine needles to vacuum.

I can't wait!