The "Oh. Wow." Factor

For the love of God, people...don't try to guess a pregnant woman's due date.  Is it not obvious that no good can come of this?

Almost two months ago a nice cashier at the local supermarket was trying to calm my son down while I punched in my PIN code.  She told my son, "you're such a big boy!  And soon, very, very soon, you will be a big brother."

I just smiled and tried to give the woman a way out by ignoring her comment.  But she insisted.  "When are you due?", she asked, with a kind smile on her face.

"Not 'til April."

"Oh.  Wow.  Here's a sticker for the boy."

This happened in late November.

Just last week, the parking attendant at the OB's office - a large scruffy man who usually takes my money without even the hint of a hello - had a huge grin on his face as I pulled up. 

"Lemme guess...Don't tell me...February, right?  Am I right?"

"Nope."  I said as I dug around my purse for my wallet.  I knew where this was going. 



Silence.  Then he waved me off.  At least I got free parking.

The irony is that I haven't gained nearly as much weight as I did with my first.  But my belly is quite big -- of almost comedic proportions.  (HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?)  I honestly can't blame these people for assuming I'm due any minute.  But can't they keep their mouths shut?

(Don't ask for belly pictures.  They're not coming.  Nooooooooo.)