Singers and Cowboy Princesses and Spies, Oh My!

You guys are more awesome than I ever imagined!  Children's book authors, publisher's Clearinghouse Prize Givers, Garbage Women and the First Female Red Sox Player are among us.  And James Bond!  And a real live worm composting dude!

We would have been a force to be dealt with at the playground.

Thanks to those of you that played along.  You made my day.  (And feel free to answer my question here if you didn't play along yesterday.  It's never too late!)

Today, I took the baby for his 6-month shots and we had a bonus round of flu shots for everyone!  So what we have is a cranky group of people at Casa Miguelina.  This is all the posting I can manage today.  Check out New England Mamas if you miss me.