If not today, when?

I've really been enjoying the NoBloShoeMo Flickr pool started by Susan Wagner.  I love shoes of course, but I think the reasons for my enjoyment run a little deeper.  In getting a peek at people's shoes you get to know the real person hiding behind the expected - buttoned-up lawyers jazzing up black pantsuits with leopard print shoes, SAHM wearing satin heels, rock chicks in dainty ballerina flats...I just love it.

It has also reminded me of all the nice things I already have but keep hidden  for "another day."  Do you do that too?  Do you save your nice things for a "special" day?   

Let me ask you something -- does that mythical "special day" ever come?

I've been doing that since I was little, saving my nice things for later, and what ends up happening is that I live my life in mediocre shoes and the pretty ones never get worn.  I even forget I have them, so when a special occasion does come up, I end up running to the store (I hate shopping!) at the last minute (hate!) and buying something out of desperation.

It's hard to break this habit.  As I've become more aware of what I'm doing, I've noticed that this nasty habit has spread from shoes and clothing to other parts of my life.  For example, I buy pretty notebooks compulsively - they sit on my bedside table and what do I carry in my bag?  Nothing!  I end up writing notes on old ATM receipts is what I do. 

So I've decided to stop saving my nice things for later.  Later never comes.  I'm enjoying the pretty things now.

This morning, rather than drinking coffee out of my trusty old frog mug I drank it out of my fancy wedding china.  Because I already have it.  Pouring coffee and milk into it didn't take any extra effort.  And the result?  Much prettier.  I started the day in a better mood.  It made today special.


Try it.  You know you have pretty things hidden at home.  Take them out and use them. 

Today is worth it, I promise.