Let's get back to talking about me...

So the job is going well, and I'm thrilled to be making some pocket money with a steady writing job. That's not surprising, of course, what I didn't expect is exactly how much I would enjoy writing about weddings. There's tons of materials about weddings, and they can even be hilarious, as long as you're not planning one yourself.

But now that I have a nice groove going on at Aisledash, it's time to get back to some old-fashioned self-centered blogging.

  • It must be the cabin fever, but I've lately become obsessed with my hair. I want to go from this to this:061307_holmes_400x400

(Somebody stop me before it's too late!)

  • The three of us are sick again (how my husband manages to escape evil winter viruses is beyond me) and we are YET again packing to go on another trip. We're spending Christmas at my parent's house in Miami, and it's not a moment too soon, because it's currently 26 degrees out and our driveway is a lovely pool of black ice. I have no desire to leave my house, none at all, and Sebastian is in full agreement. The 8 month-old is the one suffering from cabin fever, and the poor thing doesn't understand just how miserable it is out there.

  • I actually have this recurrent nightmare that we're going to come back from our trip only to find that our house is completely snowed in. That we're going to get to our house and all the doors are blocked by piles of that icy snow we have now. What do you do then? Do you suppose cad drivers carry ice picks in their trunks?