Nesting. Big Time.

So.  Turns out the cold was intense but relatively short-lived.  I've been feeling much better for a couple of days now.  Sleeping all day works to cure bad colds - too bad you have to be nine months pregnant to get away with actually doing it.

Do you know the best way to stop yourself from going into labor?  Tell everyone "it's imminent.  Any day now.  Why, I'm feeling contactions right now - as I'm standing right in front of you!  Ouch."  Because of course, then the baby will decide that maybe he should just stay inside where it's nice and cozy for a little longer.

So there's no baby yet.  Apparently stretching my belly to the point where I look like I'm going to explode is way more fun than actually being born.

However!  I do have news and they are awesome. 

Remember how 22 days ago we still had to buy a car and a house?

We bought a car.

And - we found a house!  Of course, there was much drama.  We made an offer.  It was rejected.  We thought that was it - no house until after the baby was born.  (I was having contractions as we were writing up the offer.  I also had contractions when it was rejected.)  Then, a miracle happened and the offer was accepted.  So we are well on our way to finally owning a house!

I won't share too much right now because I don't want to jinx myself, seeing as I have the power to stop labor by merely talking about it.  But I can't believe we actually managed to find a house before our lease was up.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.