No Rest for the Weary


Thank you for the nice comments - Benjamin's birthday was a lovely day and I guess it comes through in the pictures.  The epidural helped, as did this

Really, you are all too kind.

I find that the first 24 hours after giving birth are pretty easy - reality doesn't hit until the second day at the hospital and the first day you're home with the new baby.  After that the reality of life with a newborn hit me like a truck.  The strangest part is that this time I felt less prepared than I did with the first. 

Could it be that this time I didn't read anything about newborn care?  Could my mind have erased any memory of those first weeks in order to trick me into continuing to propagate the species?  I think so.  How else do you explain the fact that I forgot all about the umbilical cord stump and how much it freaks me out every time I have to change his diaper?  Or the sheer volume of diapers - I had forgotten that newborns poop every time they eat.  And that they like to eat at night.  So you have to get up and feed and change a diaper and they like to keep their legs close to their tummies and their legs are so squirmy yet so strong.

And having a newborn and a toddler can be summed up by this:  the toddler sleeps all night, the baby sleeps all day.  Isn't that awesome?  Everybody gets attention, as long as you don't need to sleep.  And I do.  So goodnight, I'm off to steal a few minutes of rest.