What's it like bringing a second baby home?

Nothing like you expect it to be.  It's not as hard as I feared, but not as easy as you'd think - considering the fact that I had just finished raising an infant into a full-blown toddler.  Thankfully, I'ved had tons of help - my husband's company has a generous parental leave policy, my parents are visiting and our friends have been incredible - stopping by with fully cooked meals that tend to include simple instructions and lots of chocolate.

But even with all this help it's still a lot to take in.  I feel like a brand-new mom all over again - lacking in confidence and afraid of leaving the house to perform the most mundane tasks.  Like the inevitable day when I have to take both of the boys to the grocery store all by myself.  Where do you put the oldest child?  In the main basket?  If you do that, where does the food go?  Thinking about this gives me a mild panic attack.   Alright, maybe not a mild panic attack, but I'm not going to admit to just how afraid I am.  It's embarrasing and I'd like to maintain some dignity, thank you very much. 

And do you know why I'm wasting precious time worrying about silly little things like that?  Because soon my husband is leaving on a business trip for an entire week* and it will be the boys and me.  Alone.  Terrifying, isn't it?

*Crazy Internet Stalkers:  Stay away from my house.  My landlady bites.


I must send out a HUGE thank you to Kristen from Motherhood Uncensored and Cool Mom Picks- she hooked me up with a Nose Frida!  Now I have one less thing to fear - I can throw out that stupid turkey baster thingy from the hospital!

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