I got great news at my 6-week post-partum OB appointment:  I'm down to my prepregnancy weight.

Awesome!  I know! 

Since I am absolutely sick and tired of my maternity pants I skipped over to my closet, packed up my maternity clothes (because we move in a week and a half!), pulled out my favorite pair of jeans (the pair you wear everywhere - you know, THAT pair) and discovered that they don't fit.  I almost fainted when I tried to button up the perfect jeans that fit perfectly when I last weighed exactly what I weigh today.  (Got that?)

So I tried another pair of jeans.  Then another.  Then, out of desperation, I pulled on some YOGA PANTS.  YOGA PANTS people!  You know - pants made of stretchy fabric!  Sure, I was able to squeeze into them, since they whole point is that they're flexible and zen and all, but trust me - they're just...I mean the proportions are just...wrong.

Nothing fits!  Nothing!  In fact I'm not wearing pants right now!  Because I've got nothing!

Maybe I'm being a wee bit dramatic here.  A few things still fit.  Like that pair of jeans that are a couple of sizes too big and you've had since college and that are totally soft and worn out and you used to wear back when you had time to sit around with your girlfriends watching Sex and The City Marathons  and you needed the extra room for all the ice cream and chinese takeout you were all bingeing on in the name of female bonding.  You know.  THAT pair?

They fit - as long as I hold my breath and do a little hop when I zip them up.

There is a lesson to be learned here.  Buy yourself some nice maternity jeans (if you're pregnant), because you'll be wearing them for a LONG time.