Filled with the Joys of Spring

I'm not being sarcastic.  Not even a little.  For you see, today (or rather, last night) we turned a over a new leaf at Casa de Housewife.  It is a milestone that fills me with great joy and once again makes me believe that, yes, there is a light at the end of the newborn tunnel.

Little B. slept through the night. 


I woke up and upon realizing that it was a) 8 in the morning, and b) grandpa was feeding S. (the oldest) breakfast, and c) Little B. was contentedly sleeping in his bassinet, I literally heard the notes from Handel's Messiah fill the room.  Then I rolled over and proceeded to sleep until 9.

Because I am wild like that.

It gets better...since today the sun is shining here in Boston AND my oldest (S.) has daycare AND grandpa is in town - a combination of events even rarer than a four week old sleeping through the night - I went out and got myself a pedicure and a latte.

And if that doesn't sound heavenly to you - then you obviously don't have a newborn or two X chromosomes.