I was reading a newspaper story about the bell on top of Faneuil Hall, a bell which basically sits smack in the heart of Boston, and how that bell sat quiet for decades because it was rusted.  According to the article, the best guess for when the bell was last rung is sometime around the end of WWII.

So the city of Boston was quiet during the millenium celebrations, it didn't ring a bell when the Sox won the World Series.  It has only been sounded twice in recent memory - once to commemorate the victims of Sept. 11 and once to celebrate Boston's 375th anniversary, but in order to do it they had men strike the bell with mallets.  The historic bell (from 1866) now has dents from those mallets.

Finally, city crews decided to fix it.  All it took was a can of WD-40*.  And now it's good as new.

I've got to remember that.  Sometimes simplest and cheapest works best.  Because sometimes we make things more difficult than they need to be, don't we?

*By the way, the name WD-40 itself is a great reminder that persistence pays off.