Because Every Story Deserves a Happy Ending...

Margaritas in Hialeah.  As any native Miamian can attest, this is an extreme oxymoron (you're supposed to drink cafecitos or maybe mojitos in Hialeah- but look at how pretty it is!  I couldn't resist.)

Also?  Let's not discuss what I was doing in Hialeah. 


UPDATE:  In an attempt to come up with a way to explain Hialeah to the wonderfully funny Kevin I turned to Wikipedia and found this:

"Hialeah is the Santeria World Headquarters and contains the largest Santero Community outside of Cuba."

I don't know if this is true, but I can assure you my time in Hialeah did not involve dead chickens.  It did, however, include a fun night at a surprisingly good Mexican restaurant.  I used to make fun of Hialeah, mostly because it's the birthplace of Rick Sanchez, but Wikipedia also taught me that KC of KC and The Sunshine Band and Catherine Keener hail from there as well.  It almost makes up for Jon Secada.  Almost.