How to suck the air out of a room

Walk into a fancypants restaurant at lunchtime with your double stroller.  When the hostess asks if more people will be joining you say, "oh no, it's just me and the kids."

The last time so many people in business suits stared at me I was presenting a marketing plan.

I have kids but I get tired of "family-friendly" places.  Sometimes I want to pay $9.00 for a cheeseburger, you know what I mean?   

It went miraculously well.  My son even put his cloth napkin across his lap and ate his fancy fries like a champ.  The only disappointment of the afternoon came when I asked for a dessert menu - I was craving some chocolate mousse so I was going to order one "for the kids."  Instead, the waiter gave Sebastian a free Hoodsie cup as a reward for being such a well-behaved gentleman.

I didn't have the heart to upstage my son's well-deserved treat with my frou-frou dessert so I went without.  It was a small price to pay to watch him delight in eating ice cream out of a paper cup.  Motherhood demands many sacrifices- some are big, some are small - but they all come with enormous rewards.