Hey Joe

My son got to meet Joe from Blue’s Clues last week.  He watches the show all the time--so I think I can be forgiven for thinking he might be at least a little excited about this.  Yet when he was face-to-face with the guy that sings “Mail Time!” to him every morning he was all, “eh.  Whatever.” 

I may have a two year-old teenager on my hands.

Poor Joe tried to engage him in conversation, posed for a few photos and even did the Blue Skidoo dance for him. 


I finally had to intervene. 

"Hey!  Why don't you give Joe a high-five?  He'd love a high-five!" 

Joe held out his hand.  My son gave him a high-five and practically ran out of the room.

As we were driving home, my son summed his meeting like this:

"Joe's a nice man.  Joe needs a haircut."

If he thinks Joe needs a haircut I wonder what he'll have to say when he meets Santa.