I See Famous People: It's All Downhill From Here

Some of you may remember the time I ran into a drunk Hugh Grant at a fancy hotel in Miami, or the time I shared an itsy-bitsy table at a Starbucks with Alex Rodriguez.  If you know me in person you've doubtless heard my "I spent New Year's Eve with Madonna (at a private party- not at a concert thankyouverymuch)" story.  You may have heard that one more than once, but seriously, wouldn't you talk about that all the time too?

I used to run into famous people everywhere - Shakira at a hole-in-the-wall salon (we both got $15 haircuts), Richard Hatch and Pierce Brosnan (both at airports - guess who I was more excited to see.  Go on, guess!), Harrison Ford outside a dark South Beach alley (it was a great relief to learn that the footsteps echoing behind me belonged to Indiana Jones and not a homicidal killer.  In all seriousness, PHEW!)  Sadly, my sightings after moving here can be counted on one hand:  Jack Welch.  Ok, fine - they (it!) can be counted on one finger.  Whatever.

So you will forgive my excitement at learning that I will be meeting Donovan Patton next week.  Yes, I'm excited that I will be meeting someone who is, for all practical purposes, a cartoon character.

I'm obviously doing this for my kids because I'm a good mother.  Right!  Of COURSE it's out of pure unadulterated curiosity - will he act like the adult toddler we see on TV?  Or will he be bitter and washed out, not unlike a mall Santa? 

The world needs to know.

(Who wants to bet that Sebastian won't have a clue as to who this guy is?  Better put Blue's Clues on heavy rotation.)