They got caught red-handed

I’m in Chicago again, and being here just two days before the election just feels special. It also reminded me of a text message exchange my brother and I had last time I was here, so I thought I’d share it with you. It's all true. I have photographic evidence:

We got on stage!

ME: ???

MY BROTHER: The people you see on tv when he speaks ... That’s me!

ME:  Where are you?

MY BROTHER: The rally!

ME: An Obama thing?


So of course I called him that very minute. He picked up the phone and it was so loud I could barely hear him over the blaring music (Kanye West, in case you were wondering) and the people chanting in the background.


He finally called when the rally was over and told me the whole story - how he and some friends from work took the afternoon off work and went to the Obama rally at Bayfront park, and how this lady with a clipboard approached one of his friends and asked if they wanted to be on stage. They said yes, never believing this woman was legit, and before they knew it they were in front of a roaring crowd of enfranchised voters.

It was, in his words, “awesome” and “exciting.” Sure, he was *this* close the the man who might become the next president of the United States of America - but personally I think he just liked the sound of thousands people cheering right in front of him. Did he think they were cheering for him instead of Obama? I know that the thought would cross my mind. How often do you get the chance to feel like Evita?


But instead of being all excited for him all I said was, “that’s nice, but now your hooky-playing mug is going to be all over the evening news. Aren’t you worried your boss will find out where you REALLY where?”

He blew off my "concerns" because he knew that deep down I was seething with jealousy because he got to be on the same stage as Obama while I was on a business trip to Chicago. NO FAIR.

But I was vindicated the next morning when he forwarded me this email from one of his co-workers:

From: (Supervisor)
To: (My brother’s co-worker)

Subject: Where were you yesterday evening? I thought I saw you...


They were SO busted.

Nah nah nah nah ...

(Don't cry for them, internet. They’re all still gainfully employed.)