Clever and pretty is a dangerous combination

Two incredibly adorable things I've come across this week:

The Shoe Wheel

It's like a hamster wheel, but for, it sounds stupid, so just look at it:


It looks gargantuan, but in the end I think it might be practical. I'm just not sure if I need one.


Spinning the shoes might be fun though.

Latico Loose Change Clutch


Now this one might actually solve a problem. Have you noticed how when cashiers hand you your change they place the bills on the palm of your hand and then they pile the change on top? Why is that? Do they think that it makes it more likely that you will dump it in the Tip Jar if it's inconvenient?

Personally, all it does is slow me down and piss off the customer behind me. What good does that do? But I digress.

This little clutch is cute and it has a little slot on the side so you can drop in your change just like if it was a piggy bank. Or a slot machine. So clever!