Instant Karma

I've been on a happy streak lately (have you noticed?) and I'm determined to make it last as long as possible. (Listen, I know it can't last forever, but you can't blame a girl for trying.) So when a woman blatantly cut in front of me at the check out line at Trader Joe's I did everything in my power not to tap her on the shoulder and explain to her that her RUDE MANEUVER did not go unnoticed. Instead I laughed (more like cackled maniacally) and looked around for a shorter line.

(For the curious, she was in another line and then pretended that she was going in front of me to look at the Graham Crackers on the display in my check-out lane. She picked them up, started "reading" the label, put them back and then just stood there. HELLO? RUDE MANEUVER.)

I decided that I wasn't going anywhere, I was just going to stand really close to her and do my best to make her uncomfortable while holding on to my happiness (dammit!), when the store manager tapped me on the shoulder and opened a register just for me.


To make things even sweeter, he rang up my groceries in record time so she was still in line as I was exiting the store. I waved goodbye (which she had to pretend not to see - after all I had been invisible but a few minutes before) and her cashier smiled and waved back in that earnest Trader Joe's way, further slowing her down.


Karma, you're quite lovely sometimes. Thank you.