Fit to a tee

I've been on the lookout for summer clothes that are easy to wear and even easier to care for. (Remember the Great Dress Search? I may be a bit too obsessed with "machine-washable" clothing.) I just worry that caring for two kids and working from home makes it way too easy to fall into the t-shirt+jeans+flip-flops rut. I want to look decent - even if I don't have to!

Don't tell anyone, but I actually like wearing jeans and tees. I figured that there has to be happy medium; so I went shopping the other day and was delighted to find these t-shirts:

They're exactly what I needed! They're literally as easy to put on as a regular tee, but they're so interesting that they can't help but dress up my jeans and skirts. And I can look decent, even when all we have planned is an afternoon at the park. AWESOME.

(Purchased at Anthropologie.)

(Like you couldn't tell.)