The movies

So, I saw Sex and the City a couple of weekends ago. (My review is here if you want to know what I thought. Here's a hint: Meh.)

What's interesting is that I went to see it all by myself. I had agreed to review it for work, but my husband absolutely refused to go with me; not only because he wouldn't be caught dead watching SATC, but because the thought of paying $80 in babysitting fees to watch a chick flick wasn't enticing to either of us. And I had to go on relatively short notice, and since all my local girlfriends are moms they need about a week's notice to secure a sitter before they can have a night out. So I just took my keys and drove myself to a 6:00PM showing on a Sunday night. I was a little nervous about becoming the type of person that goes to the movies by herself, but what else was I going to do?

I'd never been to the movies by myself, and boy have I been missing out! It was AWESOME. I didn't have to make conversation with anyone - so ironically I ended up talking with other people at the theater. I got to enjoy the movie and think my own thoughts for 2 hours. The best part? I got to eat a movie-sized Kit Kat - ALL BY MYSELF. That's huge people. I think I'll go out by myself more often!

Also? I went to this local movie house - where they serve wine and beer. Loved it! If you live in Boston you should check it out. It's as old as West Newton and as quirky as the Coolidge, but with a coat of fresh paint and plenty of parking. I highly recommend it as well.