Staying in is in. I've never been hipper.

I was happily flipping through Vogue's September issue, what I like to call the Superbowl of fashion because it weighs about 60 lbs and 80% of it is ads - glorious, outrageous, beautiful fashion ads, when I came across an article about how So Very Chic it is to take it slow and cut down on social engagements. Instead of getting all dressed up to go to a fabulous party, the hip people are putting on their yoga pants to sit on the couch and watch TV or otherwise not be social.

I've never felt more in - or less guilty for being addicted to both Gossip Girl and Mad Men.

I have to take a moment here to acknowledge that my bashing Vogue seems to be turning into a monthly feature here (well, almost) - but I can't help it! I both love and loathe that magazine and will never let my subscription run out - having it arrive in my mailbox ever month, along with Vanity Fair and Martha Stewart Living (I wish I was kidding) makes me unnaturally happy - plus it's all research for work, right? At least that's what I tell my husband, and our accountant agrees with me.

Where was I? Yes, the Slow Life movement is a trend I heartily endorse, because I'm so good at it. Slow Food and Slow everything will eventually be the American Way - you heard it here first. Now go take a nap. It's the latest thing.