25 Random Things

From Facebook. I caved in to peer pressure:

1. I have dual citizenship. So do my kids.

2. I’m a night owl. My children are early birds. This is, as they say, Not Good.

3. I have two favorite numbers: 4 and 9. My phone number and address include both these numbers and I take it as a good sign.

4. I can’t parallel park. Yes, I think it is shameful.

5. I learned to read at 3, so I got to skip first grade. Woo-hoo!

6. On a related note, I graduated from high school at sixteen, and graduated from college at twenty. I am special.

7. I didn’t speak a word of English until I was in fourth grade. This
is why I don’t stress out about speaking Spanish to my kids
exclusively. They’ll get it. They’ll have no choice.

8. I speak fluent high school French - not to be confused with actual
French. (Let me prove it to you: Où est la bibliotheque? - SEE?)

9. I’m blind as a bat. My contact lens prescription is -6.50 and -5.75. I’m afraid to get Lasik.

10. I have to shower every morning. It wakes me up. I’s sooner give up my morning coffee than my morning shower.

11. I don't watch much TV - except for Gossip Girl and Mad Men.

12. When I was little, I wanted to be a zoologist.

13. I hate snow and ice with a fervent passion. Why do we live in Boston, you ask? EXCELLENT question.

14. I will never turn down dark chocolate. Ever. Give me a brownie and I will love you. Forever.

15. Macaroni and cheese is nice, but my preferred comfort food is rice and beans with picadillo.

16. I will eat anything if it has figs in it.

17. I like paper: Books, newspapers and letters

18. I haven’t made my kid’s baby books, and I live in constant fear of
a hard drive failure that will erase their baby pictures forever.

19. You know how in German the word “mädchen” (young girl) is genderless? That bothers me.

20. I don’t understand the need for children’s menus, or kid food. Sorry. Food is food.

21. I don’t trust women that don’t have close female friends.

22. I’m grossed out by frozen dinners - stuff like Stouffers or Lean Cuisine. Blech.

23. Know what else is gross? Oysters. Eww...

24. When I was little, I wanted to have curly hair. Now I love my straight hair, because I am lazy.

25. I still wear my retainer.