Let the guessing games begin...

You guys. Thank you so much! I've just reread your comments (again!) and I can't believe how nice you all are. Smooches!

I noticed a bit of good-natured hinting at the fact that we may be expecting a girl this time. When I found out that my second would be a boy, I wrote about my hard-won acceptance of the fact that both my children would be male. I'm not going to lie - it wasn't easy, but just as I suspected at the time, I've taken to my boy-mama role quite well. I'm also not going to lie to you now: If this third baby is a boy, it would be wonderful.

I'm not just saying that.

You see, I'm so used to having boys that adding another one would obviously be the easiest option. We have every possible combination of jeans/shorts/tees/button down shirts possible. We have every Playmobil and Lego set known to man, as well as an extensive collection of trucks. We're set.

I've also come to not only accept, but appreciate, the fact that I get to mother boys. I can't know if mothers of girls feel the same way, but I've noticed that it's very easy for me to just let my boys be themselves because they don't look like mini versions of me so I don't expect them to react to things in the same way I would. Also, they like to run and push each other, and I just can't relate to that. The best part is that they can relate to each other, and while they crash their trucks or pretent to be Spiderman for the upteenth time, I can give myself a manicure. I'm always pleasantly surprised when it turns out that in a lot of ways my boys are miniature versions of me - they have a lot of the same personality traits that I do, and yes, they even look like me - at times.

It's great having boys. I get to have my cake and eat it too.

Now, a confession: If this baby's a girl? I would love it too. To experience mothering a girl, to relive girlhood? That would be amazing too.

And I'm not just saying that.