A Plumbing Mystery

I was in the shower the other morning trying to wake myself up enough to make some coffee when I heard what I thought was the hum of a ride-on lawnmower. Then I realized it was Sunday -- the one day out of the week that the landscaping trucks don't descend on our street so it couldn't possibly be that -- but it was early and all I could come up with was "huh?"

(Aside: Why don't the neighbors agree to have all yard work done on the same day? Must every outdoor activity be marred with the sound of landscaping crews? We have like 3 weeks of summer left - or rather, summer is already over, if the abundance of scarecrows and pumpkins at the Christmas Tree Shop is any indication - so perhaps this is a project for another day.)

Anyways, the mysterious noise. It was a rhythmic sound, tinny and persistent, not really the kind of thing that should cause any alarm, but it was so out of place that I actually turned off the water to get a better listen.

That's when I freaked the hell out, because once the water stopped I realized that the vibrating sound was coming from the pipes. The shower head and pipes, to be exact. The pipes were shaking, even after the water was turned off.

Visions of possible electrocution danced through my head. A plumbing disaster was surely imminent, and here I was soaking wet with a head full of soap.



"Come! Take a look at the shower!"



My husband came in, stopped for a minute, and asked me if I heard that strange noise.

"Of course I hear it and I don't know what it is...OMG, we need to call a plumber..it's Sunday morning the bill is going to be huge!"

A plumbing mystery is a fantastic way to start a relaxing Sunday morning, in case you can't tell.

We could only stand at the shower door for so long. We had to do something. My husband unscrewed the shower head but the mysterious noise raged on.

"Should I call a plumber?"

"Not yet."

"What if the pipes are about to explode?"

(I'm nothing if not good under pressure.)


"OK, let me take out the shower caddy so you can play around, but I'm going downstairs and calling a plumber. This is too serious to mess around with."

"We don't even know what 'this' is. How do you know it's serious?"

I ignored him and slipped the shower caddy from the pipe..thing..you know, that thing that comes out of the wall and connects to the shower? And that's when the mystery noise stopped.

Awesome -- until I realized that the shower caddy in my hands was vibrating.

"Oh. Ooooh!"

Apparently, I had accidentally turned a vibrating object on (it's not what you think)* when I put a bottle of conditioner on top of it.


*People! It was this. I TOLD YOU it's not what you think.