Super WHY!

I had the opportunity to attend a media event for Super WHY! a couple of (or maybe three) weeks ago and I have been remiss in telling you all about it. I don't know why, because we're huge PBS and WGBH fans at this house, as you can probably tell by the picture below:


One thing I can't claim to be is a fan of children's television. Don't get me wrong, my kids watch TV -- how else would I get dinner on the table? -- but I can't really claim to be the type of mom that sits down and watches kid's programming. I just don't. Instead I trust shows that are recommended by friends and use the 30 minute stretches of peace and quiet as wisely as possible.

I had a lot to learn, as you can imagine.

The highlight of the event for me was meeting Angela Santomero, the creator of Super WHY! and Blue's Clues (remember when my son got to meet Joe?) Her passion for the science behind how children learn is contagious, and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of work that goes into each aspect of the show. Suffice it to say that everything that happens on the show happens for a reason -- and that reason is to build on the natural love of words and stories that children are born with.

(Geeky writer aside: Did you know that along with the ABCs and phonics, Super WHY! also teaches kids that they have the power to change a story? That's my favorite part!)

We were sent home with a variety of materials to build on the educational lessons from the show -- you can download the same materials here. But I couldn't leave until I asked them the one question that I was dying to ask from the moment I heard about the great work they're doing with the Super WHY! camps and the fact the only limiting factor for them is money.

I grabbed Leslie Rotenberg, the Senior VP of Children's Media at PBS and asked her if there was a way for us to support children's programming directly. Not that Yanni and Antiques Roadshow aren't worthy of my support of course, but I want all of my money to go to children's programming if that's at all possible.

Guess what? It can! Click here to support Children's Programming directly, if you so wish.