No More Ms. Scarlett


I've noticed that my four year-old has a habit of asking for things "someday" -- as in "can we make a snowman someday?" or "someday, can you build a Lego house with me?" It always struck me as odd and a little sad. Why someday and not today?

Of course, the reason he speaks that way is that he thinks that today isn't good enough for fun. And it's very likely that the reason he thinks that way is that he learned it from me.


This has bothered me for a while -- so much so that hearing him say "someday" is enough to get me to drop what I'm doing and come up with something to do that very minute. But I haven't applied the same urgency to myself. Then I read and bookmarked this article (you know, so I could act on it later) and it's like a light bulb went off. I'm going to stop procrastinating pleasure NOW.

So that's my resolution for this year: To not put off doing the things that I enjoy.

Sounds easy, but for an expert procrastinator like me it's a big challenge. One I'm ready to face because by definition it should be fun.

Happy New Year's, everyone!