Much Better

I hate to be a New Year's cliche, but it's only the 6th of January (¡feliz dia de reyes!) and it really does feel like a new beginning. Granted, it has a lot to do with how difficult December was for us and the fact that the end of the month coincided very well with an easing of said difficulties, coupled with the end-of-decade hype and, well, it doesn't matter does it? Point is I'm feeling better and it's like a veil has been lifted from my eyes. So there's that.

Another thing is that my decision to not put off pleasurable pursuits (or to Carpe Diem, if you will) is already paying off. A friend of mine mentioned yoga on twitter and I thought "Yoga? I used to really enjoy that..." and before I knew it I was emailing her asking for the name of the place, and then I mentioned to my husband that maybe I'd go to yoga this week, and then it was morning and my husband said that maybe I could drop off our son at preschool on the way to yoga, and I was all like, "what yoga?"

"Last night you said you were going to start doing yoga again."

"I did? I mean, of course I did, but I didn't mean like starting today today."

"So when? When are you going to start?"

"I don't know, I mean I have to do more research and type it into my calendar, and I haven't showered and I never leave the house without showering..."

And then I heard myself and realized how stupid my excuses were and I just put on some yoga pants, grabbed the kid and went.

It was exhilarating.

I feel like I'm on new batteries, which is exactly how one should feel the first week of January, don't you think?

Well, I'm actually achy and sore and can't really lift my arms but it's a good kind of ache. And it hardly even matters that during yoga class I made an absolute fool of myself -- I walked in late, and I slipped from my mat and I had all the grace of a chicken. Really, the actual hour and half inside the yoga studio was about as humbling as it could be, but I'm incredibly glad I went and can't wait to go back.

The instructor is also a medium -- did I mention that? Now she doesn't look like what I thought a medium would look like; she wasn't wearing a scarf on her head, for starters, and she wasn't wearing big hoop earrings, and as far as I could tell she didn't have a crystal ball anywhere on her person. Instead she was a cheerleader type: A pretty redhead with freckles and curls who kept talking about Facebook and Starbucks in between asking us to bend our bodies in meaningful ways and mentioning on occasion that she, like, talks to dead people. 


I only mention this because she kept coming over to me and looking at me in the eyes and pointedly asking me if I was OK. I couldn't tell if she was worried because of my definite lack of fitness or because in her wisdom as a medium she saw something wrong with my aura or karma or reiki or whatever. Or maybe it was because I had twisted my ankle earlier during a particularly vigorous jump. Point is, if you're a medium and your job is to touch people and guide them on their fitness journey you may not want to mention your abilities to your clients because it might freak them out.