Into every home, a little kitsch must fall

1-Tapestry Sofa by Frederique Morrel 2-Mother Goose Garden Decor (Ebay) 3-Just Ducky 1940's Switchplate (Etsy) 4-Spaghetti Art Pink Glass Poodle (Ebay) 5-Flower Lamp (Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch)

I like elegant things very, very much -- perhaps more than is healthy -- but I think that every home needs little unexpected touches that makes you smile.

Diana Vreeland once said that "too much good taste can be boring."

I cannot agree more.

Why take yourself so seriously? Go ahead and have some fun!

If you don't know what kitsch is, well, I'll let Allee Willis explain:

What is your favorite piece of kitsch? C'mon, I know you love it too!

Here's mine: I love going into someone's perfectly manicured garden and finding a gnome or itty bitty flamingo hiding among the rose bushes. Always makes my day.