Life List Update: Learn to Parallel Park

(Here is the list of the 10 things I committed to accomplishing on 10/10/10)

Blogging is definitely a strange thing. I'm not even going to pretend that it isn't. But one of the reasons I keep plugging away is that puts me in touch with the most amazing people, in the most random ways possible.

For instance, take Karriane.

I don't know Karriane. I just "met" her when I posted about her company's retro milk bottles in September.

(Apropos of nothing, my dad sent me three of the bottles after he saw my post. That was a few days before he got sick. I asked him not to buy me things and he said he wanted to because "they'd look nice on your kitchen windowsill." Oh, dad.)

Anyways, Karriane and I have struck up a correspondence and she's been great the past few weeks. She's also been funny and helpful. You see, she made this PDF for me to teach me how to parallel park. They're doing it the wrong way, because they drive that way in AUSTRALIA. Which is where she lives. How awesome is that?

My favorite part is the attention to detail in the illustration (you must click to see the green stars -- they are key!)

Thanks Karianne. Now, to practice!

Fale safe reverse parallel parking!