The Pink and Blue Project

    Celine and Her Pink Things_m

Celine and her pink things by JeongMee (2005)

Jeonghoon and His Blue Things_m Jeonghoon and his blue things by JeongMee (2008)

I'm fascinated by Korean artist JeongMee Yoon's Pink and Blue project, where she arranges a child's possesions around them. Two things are striking -- the sheer volume of stuff that even the smallest of children accumulate and the vast amounts of pink or blue things boys and girls have. Sometimes you can't even find the kids -- they're literally swallowed by their possesions.

As many of you know, blue used to be a feminine color. Pink was a masculine color. Not so much anymore.

In a follow-up project she follows the same girls and finds that as they get older, girls "graduate" from baby pink to girlish purple:

Lauren and Carolyn 2006_2009

The artist's statement explains it all.