Pink Martini


Image via Pink Martini

I love Pink Martini -- have you heard of them? They're kind of hard to explain, so I'll let them have at it.

Their shows are amazing - last time we went I got to get all dolled up and my husband and I had drinks at the Bristol lounge before heading out to listen to them at the Boston Opera House. It makes for a smart and fun and beautiful evening, let me tell you.

This morning I was at Starbucks and saw that they have a Christmas CD out this year and I was sad to discover that I missed their Nov. 3 concert in Boston. Wah! If you're in any of these cities, I seriously encourage you to check them out.

You may have heard their first hit, Sympathique -- it was my introduction to the band. I decided to look it up on You Tube and I had to laugh, because anyone who has taken high school french would be able to sing along to it. I won't lie, that was part of the initial appeal. Anyways, the video is pretty cute - unless you have nightmares about your french teacher making you watch language videos. In that case...don't watch it.


And for a taste of what it's like to see them in concert, take a look at Hey Eugene!