Lazy but Delicious Dinner: Baked Tilapia with Herbs

I cook dinner every night. This doesn't make a superhero, or a martyr, or better than people who don't.

I just like food and when you want to eat food, you pretty much have to make it from scratch.

It's as simple as that.

Anyways, I was having a tough evening the other night. It was 5:30, the kids were hungry and there was no fresh food in the house. And there was no way I was heading to the grocery store or a restaurant with three hungry little boys in tow.

So I went to one of my go-to easy dinners: Baked Tilapia with Herbs (Or Lemon. Or Both, really.)

This recipe is so easy that writing this post is exactly four times more work than actually making it. But here it is.

(You're welcome.)

I always have a package of frozen tilapia in the freezer, so making this takes absolutely no planning on my part. This meal goes from freezer to table in 20 minutes. And it's yummy.

Here it is, in seven easy steps:

1. Turn on your oven. Set it to 375 degrees. Line a baking dish with aluminum foil (you don't have to do this, but since you're making this on a day when you're stressed it just saves a bit of cleanup work.)

2. Place frozen (or defrosted) tilapia filets on your baking dish.


3. Season with salt and pepper


4. Top with mayonnaise


 5. Find any dried herbs you have in your pantry. I had some parsley flakes and dill. Obviously, fresh herbs taste better but this is an emergency meal. Dried flakes will have to do.


 6. Sprinkle herbs liberally over the mayo. If you have lemon, top with a slice or two. (I didn't have any, but it makes the dish even better.)


 7. Place fish in the oven for 15 minutes or so.


Add a salad or bread or veggie on the side and Ta-da! Dinner is done!

(I don't have a picture of the finished dish because the boys were hungry and I had to feed them right away. I wish I was kidding.)