Unauthorized uses for an Epiphanie Bag


You see that pretty little bag up there? That's my Belle, from Epiphanie bags.

My friend Maile Wilson makes them. In fact she makes a whole range of amazing camera (and camera/laptop!) bags. You see, she's a photographer who saw a need for stylish bags that would hold and protect expensive photography equipment and (add a couple of years of blood, sweat and tears later) Epiphanie bags was born!

Inspiring, isn't it?

I got my bag as a gift at the Mighty Summit. It's a perfect fit, really, bloggers and Epiphanie bags -- so many of us are both photographers and writers.

But...the truth is, that I'm not as avid a photographer as some of my fellow bloggers. I'm more of a frazzled mom these days. My kids are still so little. I have two still in diapers and that means I always have diapers and wipes and baby food in my purse.

So, all those wonderful and customizable compartments in my fancy Epiphanie bag? They're filled with baby needs. And you know what? It works AWESOME:


And that's just the bottom of the bag. I put my notebooks and sunglasses right on top of my now organized baby stuff. Did I mention that the bags are super lightweight and water-resistant? Because they are. (To protect the fragile cameras they carry, you see.)

I think, and this is just my opinion, that an Epiphanie bag would make a FABULOUS baby shower gift. I'm completely serious. Think about it: She can carry baby needs while the kid's in diapers and carry her DSLR when needed.

It's genius, I tell you.