For the Mad Men lovers

image from Mad Men: The Illustrated World

Do you guys miss Mad Men as much as I do? WHY must this show take so long between seasons?

Where are Sterling, Joan, Peggy and company? I miss them and their awesome hair.

I frankly don't know what to do with myself at this point.

Thankfully there's ton of Mad Men goodies all over the place. Like this little video of Don Draper saying "What?" (Really. That's all he's doing). Have you seen it? It's better than it sounds.

I was sent a fun little book about the show. It's by Dyna Moe and it has the most charming illustrations and random things from the world of Mad Men. Ridiculously charming things like a Joan Harris paper doll or Sally Draper's cocktail recipes:




You know what else I found? This video from Berlin Hair Baby on how to get Betty Draper hair.

How fabulous!