Inspiration: Anthropologie collages

BShop the Catalog - November 2010 - Clothes - Anthropologie.com_1289146889504

(All images from Anthropologie)

I'm absolutely delighted and inspired by the November Anthropologie catalog. The first photoshoot - the one with the surreal collages - reminds me of my own crazy inspiration collages.


(All images from Anthropologie)

I love everything about this editorial: The dream-like feel of the finished image. The random drawing juxtaposed with modern clothes and furnishings. Heck, I even love that the images have that hand-cut look. I certainly don't obsess over making perfect cuts when I make a collage.

Well done, Anthro. I don't feel like a slacker anymore.

AShop the Catalog - November 2010 - Clothes - Anthropologie.com_1289147123413

(All images from Anthropologie)

Which reminds me: I better get around to sharing some more with you.

UPDATE: I just randomly learned (from this post found from Whitney's comment on this post -- random!) that there's a name for what I do: Altered Books. I think that makes me an Altered Book Artist. I may just start introducing myself as one. At least it beats being a "sandwich artist"!