The Sandwich Generation

You know how sometimes you're just surfing around the internet and you come across random stuff? I'm sure you do. That's how the internet works.

Well, the other night I came across a story from 2008 where a 73 year old man came across what he thought was a rare photo of Marilyn Monroe hitchhiking in the nude. He and his wife spent four months researching the photo, took it to a Marilyn expert -- who declared it authentic! -- and even went so far as scheduling a news conference to unveil this rare photo.

You know what happens next, I'm sure. Here is the photo:


It was just a photo of Madonna from her 1992 Sex book. Hilarious! Right?

(I don't know how I missed this story the first time around. But humor me for a minute.)

So this silly little story got me thinking about how it could have been possible that these people had never seen the Madonna photo? It was literally everywhere in 1992! Was it possible that they were just too old to care?

Then it hit me: I don't care about the teenybopper stars the kids are crazy for nowadays.

Who the hell is Justin Bieber, anyways? I guess now I'm too old to care.

And then, since my curiosity was peaked, I did a little more research -- surely the whole mix-up as a hoax? -- and I ended up reading blogs and chat rooms of people that weren't even born when the book came out. They said insane things on those chat boards. 

Wow! Who knew Madonna was so kinky and sexy?

The book has that melancholy look that pictures from the nineties have...

Pictures from the nineties have a melancholic look to them? Is my yearbook is considered vintage?

I am in shock that to an entire generation of people, Madonna is nothing more than a children's book author and has been who appears in creepy cougar advertising campaigns for Louis Vuitton. They were in shock that she was so shocking -- back in her day.

Back in her day?

Back in our day?

It is very obvious to me now that I am most definitely a part of the sandwich generation.