Life List Update: THE throw pillows, DONE

Remember my sewing project, the throw pillows? They're done!

Cue the heavens parting and singing angels:


How do you like them apples?

I happen to like them very much. I fell in love with the bees embroidered on the fabric. It gives the room a touch of whimsy. 

Best part? We have two!


Now, I can't lie to you. The pillows were really my mother's project. She did not let me anywhere near the trim or anything that could even remotely damage the super expensive fabric I bought because I didn't know my way around the fabric store

But I did sew a couple of straight seams on each pillow. So "my" sewing project was probably 20% me, 80% my mom -- but that's being generous. 

Let's just say that my couch is more fun thanks to mom ("Thanks mom!") and I'm not allowed to sew anything worth more than a couple of bucks a yard just yet. But the sewing project? It's on!