Ah, honey honey


Whenever my husband goes home to Austria, he asks me what he should bring back for me. Without fail, I ask him to bring me something good to eat.

This time, he brought me D'arbo creamy beekeeper's honey. It's like spreading a bit of sunshine on your toast.


You learn so much from experiencing other cultures -- and one of the best ways to experience culture is through food. This pretty little jar of honey reminds me that presentation matters. And when US Big Food companies insist that it is impossible to keep track of where our food comes from, I can call bullshit. This jar, for instance, was made by some beekeeper named Manfred Lemmerer. 


He's willing to put his name on his product, why won't big food let our farmers do the same? We deserve it.

In any case, the creamy honey is delicious on hot buttered toast. Hope you're having something equally delicious this weekend morning