This stuff worked on my kid's eczema


I realize that I'm running a very real risk of turning into an eczema blog, but if you've ever had to deal with it and you find something that works you can't help but share. It's such a frustrating thing to deal with, especially when the ones dealing with it are your kids.

The Cetaphil people heard that my boys develop eczema when the heating season starts, and they asked if they could send me a sample of their new Restoraderm moisturizer and body wash. I said yes because I'm not stupid. Also, because I actually buy Cetaphil multiple packs at Costco so I know their products quite well.  


The first thing that struck me is how creamy the body wash is -- that up there on the left a little bit of the moisturizer and the wash is on the right. Hard to tell which is which, right?

Bath time wreaks havoc with my two sons with eczema. The pediatrician keeps telling me not to bathe them as often, but they're kids and they need to be bathed at least occasionally or they start to get a little ripe. Bath time was downright luxurious with this wash -- not what I expected because as much as I love Cetaphil I can't say I'd think to use it to bathe, just to wash my face.

The wash is super creamy but still creates some bubbles -- having worked in the skincare industry I can tell you that bubbles have nothing to do with how clean your skin is getting, but it's hard to believe that something that doesn't bubble is actually getting you clean, especially when you're a kid. The Restoraderm wash is gentle, but it's not tear-free (oops!) so be careful when washing baby.

The moisturizer is unscented and skin drinks it right up.

Guess what? The combination of the wash and moisturizer has practically cleared up the three year old's skin. I'm thrilled! No more scratching, no more rough skin -- it's been nothing short of amazing. My other son didn't have as bad a case to work with this time around, so the effect isn't as noticeable, but it certainly hasn't made things worse. 

The boys and I give this product a thumbs up! I love finding stuff that does what it says it does.