10 on 10/10/10 Updates: #5 and #6 done!

Remember my 10/10/10 project? It's time for me to update you on my progress on the ten things I wanted to achieve before New Year's Eve. If you are a regular reader, you already know that I haven't been able to complete every single item perfectly -- life threw me under the bus the very day after I committed to work on these items, and I've had to let some things go, but in the grand scheme of things I've learned that life is short and it's important to try even if you can't be perfect. Because life has a way of not going the way you plan.

I've obviously learned a lot in the last few months, but since I've chosen not to explore my grief on this blog I'll keep it to the light things I wanted to work on -- the things on my list.

Today, I want to talk about items #5 an #6 -- both were complete successes!

#5 paint my nails black (8)

The point of this is to learn to give myself a decent enough manicure that I'll be able to paint my own nails in a deep color. Anyone can paint their nails in a nude pink, but black? That takes real skill.

Did I do it? Many times! Here's the photographic evidence:


(I apologize for the slightly terrifying photo of my hands, but black polish has a way of looking Elvira-ish and posing with your hands is harder than it looks. What can I say? I can't "emote with my limbs" like Ellen Sirot the creepy hand model or even George Constanza so that's the best pose I could come up with. Sorry, hand fetishists -- go get your kicks elsewhere!)

Anyways, the polish I used wasn't technically black. (Does that make me a cheater?) It's called Little Brown Dress, and it's part of the Essie Fall 2010 collection. (I got a sample at the Mighty Summit. Thanks, Essie!)

So what did I learn about giving yourself a dark manicure? Cuticles are crucial. A clear base coat will keep your nails from yellowing (but toothpaste will help with that!). I bought some Sally Hansen Miracle Cure because my nails crack and are brittle -- I don't think it's exactly the miracle they promised, but it's fine as a base coat. I also used a quick drying coat to speed things up. But the secret is to apply the polish with a light touch -- too much takes forever to dry and guarantees a messy finish. Other than that, I've found that painting with my non-dominant hand first helps as well. Doing your own nails is not as fun as getting a manicure, but it's strangely liberating to know that you don't have to go to the nail salon every time you want to change your polish. It's also more fun to experiment with new colors when you don't have to feel bad about making someone else start over if the new color you're trying is crappy. So there's that!

#6 finish c25K (14)

I'm on week 6 despite spraining my ankle so I'm almost there. This is really happening, you guys.

This one is so done -- and while I'm no athlete I am not as afraid of running as I used to be. I highly recommend the C25K app if you have an iPhone -- it makes it easy. the C25K program has taught me that I'm a runner and it's taken four inches off my waist. If you want to change your body, running's a great way to do it.

However, winter in Boston isn't very conducive to outdoor running, so I've joind a gym basically so I can use the treadmill. I hate treadmills. I much prefer running outside where I can see gardens and people -- there's something so depressing about running on a machine. I also don't like gyms -- what with the skeevy personal trainers and other sweaty people. I am most definitely not a gym rat. But I have to go if I want to run. And I do. I just haven't been in two weeks. Oops!