I've Stolen This Cream From My Kids. (Not Really. But We're Learning About Sharing.)


Two of my boys develop eczema in the winter. It's thanks to our forced air heating system.

*shakes fist at furnace*

I have tried every cream out there and the truth is that a lot of them seem to make it worse. I blame it on the artificial fragrance or unnecessary chemicals. Or they work for a few weeks, and then they somehow stop working. But I have to keep trying, because not doing anything makes the eczema so bad we have to use prescription creams. 

My latest find, Weleda Calendula Baby Cream, is working great and is making my hands extra soft in the process. I bought mine at the grocery store, so I hope you have an easy time finding it where you live.

It's thick and absorbs quickly -- definitely worth a try for you or for baby!