Sleep is on my mind...

And yet, I have not been sleeping so well. 

The hardest item on my 10 on 10/10/10 list is, by far, getting ten hours of sleep a night. I got about 7 last night and it felt like heaven. I can only imagine what 10 would feel like. And ten days in a mouth is salivating at the thought.

What has been keeping me up? Well, my husband was out of town and that always gives me insomnia. (He's back now, which explains the 7 hour stretch.) Then there's the baby -- who is teething, or regressing, or just plain getting another cold? He gets quite cranky between the hours of 2-5 AM. That will keep you from sleeping.

And then there's the sad fact that on the weekend before he passed, I spoke with my father about the difficulty he was having sleeping. And when I can't sleep, I think about that.

So getting sleep. It's been complicated.