Tres Leches and Carnation

Image via masaassassin on Flickr under a Creative Commons license

I am Hispanic. This means a lot, but one of the things it means is that I love canned milk. I pour condensed milk on fruit, stir it in my espresso, use it to make arequipe (dulce de leche to argentines and gringos). Carnation milk makes creamy tomato soup to die for.

The New York times has a story on how America is discovering canned milk. (Do not be discouraged by the vile dessert photographed -- what an unappetizing choice!) -- and I think you should too. I'm trying the coconut brigadeiros, but if you're not familiar with canned milk cooking what you MUST try is tres leches cake. Ironically, the best recipe I've found is at The Pioneer Woman's website -- there's good stuff coming out of Oklahoma kitchens! If you ever wondered what Latin America tastes like, tres leches is it.