And the winner of a $500 giftcard from Lincoln is...

Time to fire up the old random number generator and choose a lucky winner for the $500 giftcard giveaway from Lincoln.

Drumroll, please :

RANDOM.ORG - True Random Number Service_1270148537455

Commenter #1 wins!

(I think this is great -- I'm usually hesitant to be the first to enter a sweepstakes because doesn't it always seems like the first and last entry never win? But this time, entry #1 did! She who hesitates loses! The early bird gets the worm! Etc...)

Let's see, who's on first?

Congratulations, Michelle Woo! Now you can continue to get compliments and strange stares -- but this time you'll have an extra $500  in your wallet!

Thank you all for your comments!